• Success or your money back

  • I guarantee you will meet the objectives we agree

  • You have to agree to attend the sessions and complete the inter-session work


  • We are both demonstrating a commitment to success

  • This makes the work more satisfying for both of us

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Guaranteed Success Or Your Money Back!

The techniques I use in coaching work extremely well. That, plus my own experience over many years gives me the confidence to promise that I will refund your fees if the work we do together fails to meet the objectives we agree.

Obviously, you have to do your bit too; in contracting with me and to be eligible for this guarantee, you promise that you will ...

  • Attend the sessions we arrange, or any replacement alternative should a session be rearranged (this also applies to sessions undertaken on the telephone)

  • Give adequate notice should you be unable to attend a session (this also applies to sessions undertaken on the telephone)

  • Apply yourself to the work wholeheartedly and to the best of your abilities

  • Pay promptly for your sessions

  • Diligently undertake any inter-session work that we agree together (I don't ask that you succeed, only that you try your best and do not avoid the agreed tasks)

  • Be completely honest in reporting your success

Clearly, the objectives we agree together have to be achievable, realistic, measurable and against a particular time scale. Naturally, I will help you set such objectives.

The guarantee does not apply to fees for the assessment and analysis part of the coaching process, that is, those parts of the process that are undertaken before we agree the objectives.

Why Make This Guarantee?

Partly to demonstrate my confidence but to be honest, also as a kind of "filter" to ensure that my clients are also committed to the process. By agreeing to the things mentioned above you are demonstrating that you too have a genuine requirement for coaching and also a real commitment to meeting your objectives. If you do not have this then your coaching will fail and you will be seriously out of pocket, having achieved less than the full potential benefit. This is disappointing for you but also of course for me, a person who thrives on job satisfaction. If we each apply ourselves wholeheartedly to this process then you will meet your objectives -- I guarantee it!

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Page modified 15 September 2006